New Arrivals 1.31.18

I completely forgot to post this week's new arrivals!  And I'm sure everyone has been at a total loss not know what they are!!!  This week, we have added some fun new pieces to the Monogram Collection.  This is easily my favorite collection.  Classic pieces that you can wear everyday?  Yes, please!  But also made special with a little spin, like the Circle Roman Numeral Necklace or the Hashtag Necklace (#sofun).  Something for everyone!

New Arrivals 1.21.18

We have some really fun new arrivals this week!  From pretty gem statement earrings that have us dreaming of a tropical vacation, to a classic open circle bracelet sure to play nicely with any arm party, to the return of an old friend (hi, Petite Elephant!), there are lots of fun things to fill your jewelry box!

Shop them here:

2018: A Different Approach

Does anyone else feel like New Year's Resolutions just shouldn't be a thing?  I get the idea behind making them.  It's a new year, a clean slate, why not take the opportunity to make positive changes, right?  Except that no one ever keeps them.  Or, if you're like me, you never even actually start them (oops!).

Looking back at 2017, I realized that the best things that happened to me happened when I wasn't really looking.  I found an amazing job that I love getting out of bed for everyday on a total whim.  I didn't even realize that I wanted to switch jobs.  But it all fell into place and just felt right.  I rekindled a great friendship that had been suffering over the past few years and I realized that everyone is put into your life for a reason (good or bad) and some people are meant to be there forever while others are only there for a short while.  I started to take a look at my financial future and started taking little steps to make sure it's on the right track.

The moral is, nothing good that happened was forced.  Nothing was something I had to obsess over.  The good things just happened.  And the things that I have tried to force, maybe aren't working out so well.  So maybe not meant to be.

So I love this quote as a mantra for 2018.  It's kind of like how they say if you stop looking, the right guy will come along.  I think that applies to everything.  The universe gives back what you put out, isn't that that idea?

Happy 2018!