Style Crush: Lace Tops

You know how some people just have things that they are clearly drawn to?  That's me with lace tops.  It's like a no brainer style choice in my mind.  Pair it with jeans and flats for the day, dress it up with a skirt and heels for dinner.  Easy, breezy ;)  Lucky for me, lace is a style staple that isn't going anywhere any time soon.  Ever, probably.

Life Lessons From My Cats

I've always grown up with cats in the house.  From the time I was two years old, we have always had cats, usually two at a time and I can't imagine life any other way.  The guy in the photo above is Max and I have definitely had more of a connection with him than any other cat I have known.  A lot of people don't really understand what cats are about.  I say, how sad for them ;)  Think dogs are better?  I beg to differ!  Max greets me every time I come home.  He sits on the couch with me while I watch TV and he sleeps on his pillow right next to my head.  He's every bit as loyal as a dog.  And frankly, better, because he cleans himself and uses the litter box (usually...) ;)

Weekend in Vermont

A few weeks ago, I took a weekend trip up to Vermont to visit my friend Jodi.  Having spent some time in Burlington at UVM (a year and a half- long story), I was excited to go back as it had been quite a while.

Easy Style Upgrade: Hair Accessories

I have almost always had long hair.  I say almost because there was a time in middle school that I thought I looked better with a sort of bob style hair cut.  Looking back on it, it didn't look that bad, and middle school is a time to experiment with style, right? 
But even when my hair was shorter, I loved my hair accessories.  I had a drawer full of pretty pieces to put in my hair.  I had a ribbon hanging on my wall which held all of my beloved bow barrettes.  I think I even once experimented in the 90's with those mini butterfly clips (only one time, and borrowed from a friend, I swear!).  I moved on to scarf print headbands (I had a basket full of them).