What's in My Suitcase: Weekend in D.C.

June 7, 2017

I am so excited to be heading to D.C. with my mom and my sister this weekend for a very brief, much needed break. Technically, Washington is my hometown. But as we moved away when I was 2 and I really grew up in CT, I find that claim sometimes hard to make.  But my mom grew up there, my parents met and were married there, and I have been going there my entire life.  It is one of my favorite places (if not definitely my favorite).
I'm always so happy to go back, to see friends and family and to visit places that I have seen my entire life that always seem new, yet comforting to me.
This trip will just be a quick one, but I know we will get to do some fun things and I will definitely share them here!  Until then, here's what I'm packing:

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