A Day in Alexandria

This past weekend, my mom, my sister, and I took a trip down to D.C. to visit my aunt.   While I say we went to D.C., we actually spent most of our time outside of the district.  Having spent my entire life visiting the area, it wasn't until a few years ago that I was introduced to Alexandria, VA.  I fell in love with this city immediately!  I couldn't wait to go back to Old Town and spend the day among the shops and admiring all of the old charm that the city offers.

What's in My Suitcase: Weekend in D.C.

I am so excited to be heading to D.C. with my mom and my sister this weekend for a very brief, much needed break. Technically, Washington is my hometown. But as we moved away when I was 2 and I really grew up in CT, I find that claim sometimes hard to make.  But my mom grew up there, my parents met and were married there, and I have been going there my entire life.  It is one of my favorite places (if not definitely my favorite).

5 Easy Summer Hair Styles

My hair is naturally curly.  Curlier on some days, wavier on others.  You will rarely see me sporting my curls.  I just feel undone unless my hair is blown out.  In the summer, however, it gets harder and harder to fight the frizz, so there are days when I will embrace my curls and waves and just go with it.
Summer is also a great time to try out fun new hairstyles.  As my fashion tastes lean more toward the boho vibe in the summer, I am also drawn to pretty braided looks and messy updos.