Spring Fashion Trends

March 12, 2017

cold shoulder top / slip on sneaker / cross body bag / mule / bomber jacket

Up until a few days ago, I (like most of us) thought we were going to just forget about winter and glide right into spring.  As it is currently 28 degrees out, I can admit that I was very wrong.  So instead, I have been dreaming of spring fashion.  It's always so nice to put away the coats and the boots and say goodbye to sweaters.  I can't wait for lighter tops and less layers!  Here are a few trends I am loving for spring:

Bomber Jackets

I wouldn't have thought I would ever like this look, to be honest, but I am seeing so many cute ones this year.  I love that there are so many options.  Florals?  Lace? Yes and yes!  It's a great option for when there is still that little nip in the air, but we are determined to dress for spring ;)

Cold Shoulder Tops

I feel like even though this look has been around, I have never fully embraced it.  I don't know why, but I have never been that into it.  Maybe it's because I am more used to them now, but I am suddenly seeing a lot of these tops that I would't mind having in my closet.

Cross Body Bags

A few years ago, I went to Italy and my handbag was killing my back.  I bought a cheap suede cross body bag from a street vendor and was so happy for the rest of the trip.  Ever since then, I have been a fan of cross body bags.  Whether it's a day in the city or going to a baseball game, it's so nice to have this hands free option.


I used to wear mules a lot and I had kind of forgotten about them.  I'm so glad to see they are back!  They are such a nice option in the spring when you're not quite ready for sandals, but you can't stand putting on boots anymore.  

Slip On Sneakers

Another trend I have no idea why it took me so long to embrace!  The comfort of sneakers, but with a more polished look- what's better than that?  Most of them are even stylish enough to get away with at work.  And they're a must for travelling :)

What are your favorite trends for spring?

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