Style Crush: Statement Earrings

Owning a jewelry boutique, you might expect that I am dripping in jewels at all times.  Hardly.  Most days, I wear simple studs (usually these) and either my Grande Monogram or my Roman Numeral Necklace.  I have pretty simple taste.

I do, however, love to perk up a simple outfit with a great statement earring.  A simple sweater and jeans looks so much better with a flash of sparkle.

Roasted Veggies and Chicken

I have been attempting to be a little healthier lately.  Two weeks ago I did a great job, last week I didn't.  Oh well ;)

One thing that is really easy for me to drop the ball on is lunch during the week.  It's just so easy to
run out and grab a deli sandwich.  And you have to have chips with that, right?  So better to just bring my lunch and not even put myself in that position.

Spring Fashion Trends

cold shoulder top / slip on sneaker / cross body bag / mule / bomber jacket

Up until a few days ago, I (like most of us) thought we were going to just forget about winter and glide right into spring.  As it is currently 28 degrees out, I can admit that I was very wrong.  So instead, I have been dreaming of spring fashion.  It's always so nice to put away the coats and the boots and say goodbye to sweaters.  I can't wait for lighter tops and less layers!  Here are a few trends I am loving for spring: