Favorite Oscar Dresses

February 27, 2017

As I sat down to write this, I knew it had been a long time since I had posted anything.  Like just about two months, to be exact.  But I had to laugh when I realized that the last post I wrote was Accountability.  Whoops, guess that went out the window!
Actually, I have been rather busy.  I switched jobs about two weeks ago and am sooooo much happier
now.  You know how they say you don't always realize it when you're in an abusive relationship until you're removed from it?  Yeah, that.  But, as I said, I am loving the new job so far, so no looking back!
Anyway, on to the fashion!  I have to say, there were quite a few dresses that I loved this year.  After a few years of not really being wowed, I had a great time watching the red carpet last night (and really, that's the only part worth watching, in my opinion :) ).

Octavia Spencer

I'm pretty sure you could put feathers on a brown paper bag and I would think it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.  When I saw this dress, I knew that no one was going to top it.  When I heard it was Marchesa, I though, "Of course!"  There is nothing that Georgina does that I don't absolutely adore.  And how happy does Octavia look in this dress?!?!

Haylee Steinfeld

I'm going to be totally honest here.  I am not actually sure who Haylee is or what she has been in.  In further honesty, when I first saw this dress, I didn't think I liked it.  But now I know...  I LOVE this dress.  It's so different from any other dress that was there.  I love the sheer, flowey layers, I love the soft print, I even love that ruffle at the neck.  She just looks gorgeous.

Leslie Mann

If ever there is a time to put on a ball gown, it's the Oscars, right?  If I had the chance to walk the red carpet, you'd better believe my dress would look something like this (but with feathers, of course, see above).  Pair that with the fact that Leslie Mann is wearing it and it's settled, it's in the top five.  I love Leslie Mann.  Something about her just seems so approachable and lovely.  #friendgoals ;)

Nicole Kidman

So, this one caused some controversy at the viewing party I attended (consisting of me and four friends, some wine and some brie).  I LOVED it.  Others thought it should have been a different color.  I think it's perfect.  I love the fact that Nicole embraces her fair skin (didn't a lot of people last night look a little too orange?!?!) and dresses to compliment it.  I thought this whole look was gorgeous.

Sofia Boutella

I saw this dress in the background as soon as I turned on the TV and it took about an hour to find it again.  But even in that brief glance, I knew I loved it.  Sparkle and feathers??  Yes, please!  Again, I am not really sure who she is, but I love her fashion sense!

So there you have it.  Of course, there were others that I loved (Emma Stone, Taraji P. Henson, Scarlet Johansson) and others that I did not (don't get me started on Dakota Johnson).  For me, the red carpet is what these awards shows are really all about ;)

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