My Favorite Jeans

January 26, 2017

I own a LOT of jeans.  I'm a retail girl and as my last job was in a clothing boutique, I was able to get many good pairs at cost, so why not?!  As a result, I have a few dresser drawers devoted to jeans.  AG, J Brand, Joe's, Hudson; I've got them.  And don't get me wrong, they are all great.  I definitely learned the benefit of good denim.  It is softer, it has more stretch, it is more comfortable, and it lasts
But I want to tell you about my favorite jeans.  Because even though I have all of those "good" jeans, I absolutely LIVE in my Old Navy Rockstar's.  That's right, Old Navy.  You guys, these jeans are the best!  They feel like pajamas.  Old Navy has seriously stepped up their denim game and I can't look back!  I must have six or seven pairs of these right now.  Light and dark wash, distressed and not distressed, I literally wear them everyday.  And at around $30, they just can't be beat!
And probably my favorite thing about these jeans?  Mid rise!  I am so over low rise anything.  I just never found it comfortable.  Call them mom jeans all you want, but if I wear a pair of jeans all day and I'm not constantly tugging on them, they go to the top of my list.
Now, a little disclaimer, the denim is not the quality of my more expensive jeans, obviously.  I have had to replace these a few times, but the price point sort of allows for that ;)  So go get yourself a pair and try to tell me I'm not right!

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