Lavender Spray

January 27, 2017

I may not always have the most healthy habits (I try, okay!? :) ), but the one thing I am very good about is getting my sleep.  I know from experience that I really need a good night's sleep or I am just useless the next day.
I am pretty lucky with my sleep habits.  I have friends who have a lot of trouble getting to sleep or
staying asleep.  I don't usually have those issues.  Not to say I never do, thought.  There are times when I am feeling stressed or excited and I definitely feel that in my sleep patterns.  Things that always help me sleep?  Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.  Sorry, but it's the truth!
Since I'm big on getting my sleep in, I am also big on making me bed as comfy as possible.  I love my bed.  It's perfect for me.  And my latest addition has just made it even better.  I'm referring to my DIY Lavender Spray and you are going to want to make this.  It is so easy!  I've listed a rough recipe below, but definitely play around with it.  My first effort was a little heavy on the alcohol!

1/2 Cup Water

As I said, go easy on the alcohol at first.  And test the scent as you add the lavender oil so you don't use too much or too little.
Sweet dreams!

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