Thoughts on Two Years

January 26, 2017

I am having to pinch myself a little bit that Sparkle & Whim has actually been around for TWO YEARS!  I find that a little hard to believe, honestly.  This started as kind of a challenge to myself.  Could I figure out how to build an online business?  And it looks like I did!
Every day with S&W has just been so much fun.  And such a learning experience.  One of my
favorite things is that there is always something new to learn.  And I love that I now know others who are trying to do the same sort of thing so it's so nice to be able to bounce ideas off people and learn from their experiences as well as my own.
I love that S&W continues to grow so much.  We are launching this new version of the site, which I am just beyond thrilled with.  Every day, new people find us through friends or through social media and it is so fun to see our fan base grow.  We have done a few pop-up shops and they were so much fun!  It's so interesting to actually see a customer's reaction to the jewelry.  I love seeing how excited a table full of Sparkle can make someone!
I am so looking forward to the next two years.  I hope S&W will continue to enjoy that success we have seen so far and so much more!  We couldn't do it without the support of friends and family and for all of that, I can't say THANK YOU enough!!

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