Caring For Your Jewelry

January 27, 2017

It's no secret that I love jewelry.  Not a day goes by that I don't have at least a pair of earrings on.  And usually, it's more.  I believe that jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed, not locked away for a "special occasion".  Where's the fun in that?
Of course, from time to time, all pieces need to be freshened up.  We want our pieces to always look
their sparkly best, right? ;)  The good news is, cleaning your jewelry is something you can easily do yourself, right at home.  No need to feel intimidated!

18K Gold
All of our gold monogram pieces are 18K gold over sterling silver.  I wear my Grande Monogram almost everyday and believe me when I tell you, it looks like the day I got it.  The only thing I have ever had to do to it is give it a little rub with a polishing cloth to really make it shine.  This will also help with any signs of tarnishing.
You can also use a small amont of a mild dish detergent and warm water.  Let the piece sit for a few minutes and gently scrub with a soft brush.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry completely with a soft cloth.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver does best when it is not exposed to oxygen or sulfer.  So guess what?  Wear it a lot!  The natural oils of your skin will actually help protect the silver and keep it from tarnishing.  If you do see signs of tarnishing, use a polishing cloth or I like this dip, which is super easy to use.  Just be sure you rinse and dry your pieces thoroughly.

Fashion Jewelry
Because fashion pieces are plated, it is important not to get them wet.  Never wear these pieces while showering or swimming.  Harsh chemicals can be damaging, so best to leave these pieces as the last ones you put on (yes, even after perfume!).  Skin oils can also be damaging to fashion pieces, so always be sure to wipe them clean after wearing and store them properly.

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