A Day At Grace Farms

January 26, 2017

This past Sunday, my friend Jessica and I went to brunch and then she suggested we go check out Grace Farms.  I jumped at it, as I have been wanting to go for a while now.
Grace Farms is in New Canaan, CT and it is absolutely stunning.  It is set on 80 acres and is a beautiful place to spend the day.  We mainly wandered around and just enjoyed the beautiful day.
 There are also beautiful amenities, like a tea service, a restaurant, a sunken indoor basketball court and a sanctuary with the most stunning views of the grounds.  In addition, there is an art gallery and a library (what a great place that would be to just spend a few hours in peace with my laptop!).
We didn't spend nearly enough time there, and I will definitely be going back.  I need to find the walking trails and the cattail pond :)  New Canaan is only about 45 minutes outside of New York City and makes a great day trip if you feel like some peace and quiet!

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