What? Another Blog?

June 29, 2016

I know what you're thinking...  The last thing the Internet needs is yet another blog.  And I have to agree with that 100%.  So why then, you ask, am I writing this?

The truth is, Sparkle & Whim has actually had a blog since the site was launched almost two years ago.  I just wasn't very good at updating it (terrible, actually- sorry!).  A few months ago, I bought
this Blogger template on Etsy and got to work making the blog something someone might actually want to look at.  And here you are looking, so thank you!

What I have found over the last few weeks is that blogging is really fun!  Even if no one is reading it ;)  It's a great way to get my ideas out there in case anyone wants to hear them.  I used to love writing.  English was my major in college and I actually didn't mind when I was assigned a ten page paper to write.  For me, that was easy and fun.  Over the years, I have stopped writing altogether, so this is a fun way to make it a focus again.  It also kind of holds me accountable for things.  I feel like once I write about doing something and post it, I'd better actually get that thing done!  So currently, I am writing this with a glass of water by my side (thank you to my post on hydration), and am in the middle of not one, but two of the books on my summer reading list.  Yay, me!

I have promised myself that I will post three times a week.  Or try my best, anyway.  I also told myself that I could blog about anything I want and not just limit it to jewelry and fashion just because it is linked to the boutique.  It's kind of a fun way to add a little structure to my life ;)

So, I look at this blog as a journal of sorts.  A place where I can write about the things that truly interest me.  Where I can share a recipe, a book, a beauty product, or a design idea and someone might like to read along.  I'm so glad you're here and I hope I can inspire you in some way!

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