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June 22, 2016

I have always been a fan of perfume.  I love the way a scent can just become a part of who you are.  I love that you can smell a certain perfume and it can trigger a memory so easily; of a certain person, of a certain place, of a certain time.

I typically stick to one scent.  That is, I used to.  I started wearing L'eau D'Issey in college and I loved it.  I like to tell this funny story about it because it's true.  I was telling a former co-worker that guys always commented on how good I smelled and it had to be the Issey.  She was like, "Yeah, okay, whatever."  Not ten minutes later, a male co-worker passed by and said, "Meg, you smell great!"  See?  I never lie :)

I think certain scents just work for some people.  I'm not sure why, but I eventually stopped wearing the Issey and tried a few other scents.  Eventually, I discovered Leila Lou by Rosie Jane and have been wearing it for years.  I love the light, fresh scent and again, people often comment on how nice it smells.  I never like a heavy smelling perfume.  I want it to just feel like it's nice and natural and just a part of who I am.

Last week, my friend introduced me to Beach by Bobbi Brown.  Oh.  My.  Gosh!  She was buying it for herself and I had to go back and get one for myself as well!  I love that it smells like you've just had the best day at the beach- light and fresh, and just a little bit like suntan lotion, but in a really good way!  While I was looking at Beach, I revisited Issey and guess what?  I had to pick up that as well ;)

So now, the girl who only wore one scent exclusively has three in the rotation.  And you know what?  Each one makes me happy for its own reason, so there's nothing wrong with that!

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